Our Services

These services can be tailored to complement existing internal sales and marketing resources or to provide a comprehensive outsourced solution.

Our relationships provide access to a broad range of institutional investors across North America, including:

  1. Insurance Companies
  2. Independent Fund of Funds
  3. Private Asset Management Firms
  4. Family Offices
  5. Pension Funds
  6. Ultra High Net Worth Clients

To ensure a high quality service for the managers we represent and the investors we market to we work with a small number of quality managers at any one time and will not represent competing strategies.

Why Outsource?

  1. ICP offers managers significant marketing expertise, a global network of distribution partners and investors and a demonstrable track record in raising assets.
  2. ICP reviews existing marketing and reporting materials then works with managers to enhance materials’ appearance and content where appropriate.
  3. ICP looks after the initial screening of investors, dissemination of information, road show coordination and follow up.
  4. ICP provides managers with regular feedback which can often be useful in refining marketing and reporting efforts.
  5. ICP helps you develop a standardized due diligence questionnaire to ensure the vast majority of questions typically asked by investors are addressed appropriately. This is used to supplement marketing efforts and help shorten the sales cycle.
  6. Once money is raised from investors ICP will continue to follow up on a regular basis to ensure investors are happy with performance, reporting etc and to seek further allocations from those investors over time.
  7. ICP aligns its interests with managers and investors by being rewarded on our success in raising assets and retaining them.